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Embrace Fitness was designed to encourage, inspire, motivate and enrich the lives of others so that we not settle for just surviving but desire years of living in fitness and wellness. I am committed to changing the lives of our community one transformation at a time by encouraging a healthier lifestyle that incorporates physical, mental and spiritual changes. It’s my strong desire to help others embrace fitness and feel empowered by providing quality training, motivation, accountability and support for you to be successful.

The goal of Embrace Fitness is to help guide you into developing, adopting and maintaining a sustainable healthier lifestyle to impact not only your life but the lives around you. Remember – your body is a temple and should be treated likewise.

Whilst the world around us appears to be out of control and in utter chaos we have no control over that. But, if there is one thing you have power over, it’s your health and fitness. So let’s do away with the excuses and get up to fight that fatigue and build a stronger more vigorous you. Let’s Embrace Fitness, set goals and make changes #fitnessgoals.

My name is Dean’na Mitchell and I began embracing fitness and developing a healthier lifestyle about 3 years ago. I wanted to enter my 50’s stronger, healthier and free from all of the baggage that was weighing me down both physically and spiritually. Life was happening around me and before I knew it I had been very happily married for over 25 years, with 2 handsome young adult children but overweight, unhappy with myself, low self esteem, borderline diabetic and a host of other health related issues. I began avoiding social gatherings because I felt like the room was looking at me and my weight or I didn’t look as cute as the others so I’d rather stay home and indulge in snacks. I didn’t have any reason to want to get healthy other than I began to tire of being unhealthy with constant aching and swollen feet with nagging cravings. I began to wonder where that happy girl who loved life and people went. Then I realized that my self worth was all tied to food and how good and satisfying it was and made me feel. It replaced my need for socialization outside of my husband. At one of my doctors visit she told me that I may need to take medication to reduce some of my weight related symptoms. I didn’t want to be on medication if I didn’t absolutely have to. And so began my journey.